LV E-Commerce

Curaçao has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading e-commerce hubs. Recently a special law named the National Ordinance Agreements by Electronic Means has been introduced, establishing the legal principles for the conduct of e-commerce and the processing of electronic transactions. The Ordinance regarding E-Zones has been amended and amplified to the extend that an e-zone status can be obtained outside the traditional physical free trade zones. Special tax legislation was introduced for international internet-based companies that qualify for the establishment in the privileged E-Zone areas, featuring payment of only 2% profit tax, no import duties nor sales tax and entitling expatriate employees of a global internet company established in the E-Zones of Curaçao to a special income tax regime. Besides that, Curaçao has a sound regulation and supervision of the Internet gaming and entertainment industry. These measures firmly put the Curaçao e-commerce infrastructure in place.

A final touch is presently being added by the new multifunctional data center, which will be the central element in the ambitious and prestigious E-Commerce Park project that is being established in Curaçao. The initial bandwidth of 45 megabytes, available to the park’s residents, is provided via the Arcos fiber-optic cable that delivers an enormous capacity. The available bandwidth will be up to the highest international standards, competitive in price and can be expanded at any time. The location of the data center at the landing of the Arcos cable ensures that there will be high-quality, continuous 24/7 service